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Writing And Rejection Slips

Laugh In The Face Of Rejection

Writing and rejection go hand in hand. Writers can expect to get hundreds of rejections over time. Sometimes these hurt but you can’t allow the opinion of one single literary agent affect your writing career.. It is purely their opinion.

Instead of taking rejection personally you need to get back on the horse and continue writing. A writing career should be viewd as a long term option; not a short term venture. Gary Vaynerchuk reminds us often that as business people or entrepreneurs we need to be in the game for the long term. Writing is no exception.

So race out an get as many rejections from literary agents, book promoters, book store owners, publishers or whoever – and do it quickly. Put it into yesterday’s bin, refocus on the present and continue writing.

Watch the video below for my take on writing and rejection.


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Chetan Bhagat And Murder By Butter Chicken

Chetan Bhagat is a great India author but…..

if you are not him, how do authors get their books found in India? Find one of the ‘Big 5’ or self publish. Let me explain my solitary option and why it’s the most attractive for new authors wanting to break into the India market if you are not Chetan Bhagat.

India book readers are growing in numbers. It’s been reported that there are approx 50 – 60 million English readers and growing in India.

Buying western books such as those sold via Amazon Kindle are not always easily accessible. Authors looking for India book publishers is also not simple. How to get publishers to publish your book in India can be painstaking at the best. Chetan Bhagat most likely has this sorted.

The big publishing houses like Random House, Penquin, Harper Collins and now Amazon all have a presence in Mumbai and other major cities throughout the country. This is great if an author is traditionally published through one of the ‘Big 5’ but self publishing indie authors can struggle in this market.

Australian author C T Mitchell has been attracting attention in India, especially with his latest short read, Murder By Butter Chicken. The catchy title has caught the eye of Amazon readers throughout the world with the book hitting #6 Amazon US in category, something even Chetan Bhagat would be proud of.

What Would Chetan Bhagat Do?

C T Mitchell is having to do the majority of the marketing. He has been in discussions with India book distributors but legal matters can be tricky. Trying to find foreign lawyers who have an understanding of India IP laws is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Instead C T Mitchell has continued down his self publishing route in spite of attractive suggestions that Bollywood may be interested in his works. It’s the carrot India book promoters dangle but tasting the ‘fruit’ maybe a distant dream. Time will tell but authors don’t live on bread and water alone.

In the meantime readers can grab his latest India mystery featuring the savvy Selena Sharma on his site


Short Reads And Their Importance

The Short Reads

Can short reads or short stories compete in this social media driven world where interrupting somebody’s day has become the latest catch cry. I think so and here’s why.

Short Reads Have The Numbers

In January 2016 Amazon reported 1,064,000 eBook sales a DAY. While most of the sales are for novels, books on average 300 pages plus, shorter books are growing in popularity. Writers like C T Mitchell, James Patterson and Lee Child are trying to stem the tide of readers lost to television, video games and social media and bring them back to reading.

Short Reads Grab Your Attention Fast

Short reads are attractive to those lost on Facebook and Twitter because they grab a readers attentions quickly. Visually they are smaller, lighter to hold and for a non-reader hold the promise that they will actually finish the book. Most short stories are under 5000 words, but short reads tend to be 5000 – 20,000 words. They can be devoured in a single sitting and that’s satisfying for those taking the usual numbing subway ride to work each day.

Short Reads Are Fast Paced

Short books are usually fast paced. They must grab the readers attention quickly. The books are generally plot driven supported by good characters. You’ll get a taste of a character but don’t expect to find out every single aspect of their lives. There’s simply not enough time.

Short Reads And James Patterson

James Patterson recently added Book Shots to his burgeoning book empire. With already some 326 books read, Mr Patterson is hoping to expand his book reach with these smaller novels. Short reads usually sell for 99 cents to $2.99 on Amazon with their paperback version going for around $4-$5.

Because of their size their is also an opportunity for short stories to be marketed in non traditional areas away from online book stores or traditional book stores. Sitting alongside magazines in service stations, airport shops or food outlets including supermarket checkouts could be where you’ll see short reads in the future.

But most importantly getting people back to reading or boosting somebody’s day with great entertainment is what short reads can offer. Go grab a free book today!


Why Non Writers Should Write

Why Non Writers Should Write

In a world of rapidly changing technology, computers and mobile devices dominate. Typing is the norm but let me tell you that it’s no match for writing. Non writers you need to mix things up a bit. There are serious health benefits to actually putting pen to paper.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to a friend? If you are under twenty you probably just answered never. What about a card then? Christmas, ok, that was a month ago. Let’s flip it over. How did you feel when you received a card in the mail? I’m guessing pretty good.

Writing is one of the key elements in humans growth. From your very first steps or words, writing is right up there. It triggers the brain’s senses and increases movement. If you haven’t done it for awhile, who knows what improvement in your life you’ve been missing out on.

But non writers, don’t fret. You can start this skill today and reap the following benefits:

Improved Memory

Let’s say you need to give a speech. You could wing it and depending on your skill level come out looking like a hero or a bloody idiot who ummmed and erred their way through a painful experience. You could type up a few notes on your computer or iPad. Not bad but highlighting keywords or phrases covers your screen with hot pink highlighter (….and yes for you techno guys I do know you can highlight using a function on your device).

But scientists (that just gave this sentence credit ability) have proven that your memory will increase by 47% if you actually hand write out your speech. I can vouch for this approach. Whenever I have to give a speech I always hand write it out first. I seem to be able to retain the talk quicker in my head by doing that.

Better Creativity

Hand writing improves cognitive ability and promotes fluidity of thought. Whenever I’m writing scenes or outlines for a new book I always hand write the outline first. Ideas seem to flow better and it allows me to quickly change direction if I need to.

Getting Out Of The Black

Keeping a hand written journal is one sound technique for getting yourself out of a black hole. Psychologists often recommend that you write down  your daily activities reinforcing the good things that are happening in your life. Being grateful is one of the best things you can do to boost your mood.

Knowing Who You Are

Hand writing experts can tell a lot from your handwriting. It’s easy for them to tell whether you are happy or depressed just by looking at a few slant, loops and strengths in your writing style.

So non writers, convinced you should start writing again? Let’s take a few small steps to get you going

  • Write out this weeks shopping list. You’ll finish your shopping quicker and save money
  • Write a letter to a parent. They won’t always be with you. And parents, do the same. Let the kids know how much you love them.
  • Buy a journal and write down 5 things you were grateful for today. Do it 10 minutes before bed time and you’ll sleep well.
  • If you are a boss, send a hand written thank you note to an employee and let them know how much they are appreciated.

A few easy steps to get you started. Who will you write to today? If you are stumped you can always write to me. PO Box 2138 Ashgrove West Qld 4060 AUSTRALIA. I’ll wait by my letterbox.

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you are a writer or non writer

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