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5 Things I Learnt From Pricks

In a world of 7 billion people there are possibly 3.5 billion pricks. One thing is for sure there are 7 billion arseholes.

The trick for us is to determine who isn’t a prick or arsehole in order to live a better life.

Here’s my observations and lessons I’ve learned.

  1. Leopards never change their spots, neither do pricks.
    Once a prick, always a prick.

    Some pricks try to show different sides. Some appear to have empathy, show kindness to you but it’s really a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to lure you in for a kill.

    There’s always an agenda with a prick and it’s not yours.

    Pricks never change their spots; they’re always spotted dicks.
  2. Pricks are not good people
    A lot talk about being good people, but they’re not.

    Hypocrites at best, snake oil salesman at the worst.

    There’s a dude I know who says “Greg you’re one of the good guys”. But getting this guy to commit to a coffee or lunch is impossible.

    I’ve tried for years. I’ve been rejected for years. I would constantly beat myself up after each knock back. But why I used to think? He say’s I’m a good guy?

    But what I’ve realised is that good doesn’t mean valuable. I’m not seen as bringing value to him.

    He’s rather hang out with other pricks not good people. And I’m fine with that now.
  3. Pricks have no conscious
    They stick their heads in everywhere without a moral compass.

    They are users, not givers. It’s all about them. Once they’ve had their feast they move on.

    I used to lunch with a prick every month for about 20 years. He always bagged his wife and sprouted his weekly conquests.

    I heard on the grapevine he has testicular cancer. Sixty seven is not old to die, except if you are a prick.
  4. Pricks are queer
    There’s a saying “there’s nothing queerer than folk”. The same applies to pricks.

    Over time I’ve done things to stay on the right side of people. Keep your friends close; keep your enemies even closer principle.

    But this philosophy doesn’t always reciprocate with pricks. Some days they give you a tick, others they ignore you 100%.

    In April I turned 60 – a milestone. Seven hundred plus likes and hundreds of comments from good people.

    But the pricks did neither. Another mystery. Pricks are queer.
  5. Pricks have no honour
    There’s no honour amongst thieves, nor in the prick club.

    It’s all about who can be the bigger prick. Who can out fox the other prick to further advance their own needs.


    Pricks are easy to spot. They smell.

    They smell of self-centerness. They see others as pawns to advance their own journey.

    As good people we need to recognise that these people exist and not to give them any air, in our world at least.

    It’s time to choose ourselves and not be part of a prick’s world.