Jack Kennedy

Who is Jack Kennedy?

Jack Kennedy is a self-published US author. He writes thrillers, mostly political thrillers.

As a baby boomer he watched a man step onto the moon and the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Both events had a profound effect on his life.

Although no relation to the ‘First Family of American Politics’, Jack Kennedy has had a great interest in American politics; although his work is purely fiction.

Even though he studied political science in the late 1970’s at New York University, Jack’s career took a different direction upon graduation where he spent most of his working life in sales – real estate sales, car sales and office equipment sales.

Jack Kennedy has penned four political thrillers to date:

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Twice divorced, Jack treasures the time with his children and his Burmese cat Miss Ellie.

If you don’t see Jack enjoying a meatball sandwich at Eisenberg’s on Fifth Avenue, you’ll find him at his ‘beach shack’ on Koh Samui island, Thailand.