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Benefits Of Reading

benefits of reading

The Benefits Of Reading In A 3 Minute Short Read

The benefits of reading reading books is a great hobby, but there are way more good things to receive.

There are numerous things that you can learn from reading fiction or nonfiction. Reading helps with your vocabulary, imagination, writing skills, and even empathy towards others. So why not start today?

Short story readers will be more interested in the topic of reading books because they enjoy short stories as well as novels; nonreaders might become interested if they know there are many benefits to reading.

But if you are a nonreader, you’ll be missing out on the benefits of reading

Why nonreaders don’t like to read?

Some nonreaders don’t like to read because they think reading is boring, long, or hard. But this isn’t true.

If you are a slow reader you can get help from your school librarian or teacher, or learn reading methods that will help you understand the book better.

Take small chunks of time out of your day to read. It’s fun to read instead of watching tv or playing video games. If you think reading is too boring, try a book on a subject you like.

Some of the most boring books are biographies of people that were really boring! If you’re not sure where to start with reading, ask your teacher for recommendations based on a class you’re taking.

If you want to read a book but think it will be too long, try reading the first chapter of the book and see how it makes you feel.  If you like it, read more! And if you don’t like the first chapter, move on to something else.

Why nonreaders shouldn’t give up?

Even if you have tried to read books before and it didn’t feel like your type of thing, don’t give up!

Give it another try. Try reading shorter books that are easier to understand.

If you find reading to be boring or long, find ways to make yourself interested in the book.

Take notes while reading about what interests you, or what you want to learn more about. Reading is a huge advantage in school, college , and even your career.

If you are interested in some subjects but need more information, resources, or ideas on how to carry out an idea based on some new knowledge you have- reading is the best way to find these answers!

Let’s look at the benefits of reading.

Benefits of reading non-fiction books.

nonfiction books

To learn new information- knowledge of facts and how things work.  Nonfiction books give you the facts, and it is up to you to use those facts in your everyday life and education. Nonfiction that explains opinions, theories, or beliefs strengthens your ability to think on different topics that you wouldn’t normally care about. It also makes you a more informed person.

Reading nonfiction helps you to learn how to do things- from learning a new skill or performing a task, to following instructions for something complicated.  It also teaches you techniques and methods for anything you might want to do in the future.

This reading practice makes it easier for you to understand other text you read in your future.

Nonfiction books teach you about the world around you- not just what is going on now, but also what has happened in the past and how it affects us today.  It makes you more aware of things that are happening- or could happen- to other people, places, or animals near or far.

You can learn about the world you live in through nonfiction books, and discover new things that interest you.  You can find a list of interesting topics on a topic you’re interested in.

Try magazine articles, internet blogs or sites, or even Wikipedia pages to see if it interests you!

The benefits of reading comes in many forms. Let’s look at more options.

Why fiction books are important too.

People are more likely to become interested in unknown subjects when they read fiction books about them– if the topics are portrayed in a way that interests you.

Who would have thought reading could be fun?   Also- experts agree, you should read both nonfiction and fiction because it helps your mind get better at processing information on all subjects, not just ones that interest you.

In nonfiction books you can learn things about the world , but in fiction books you can experience them.

When reading a fiction book you get to imagine what it would be like if it happened for real, and ask questions about why the characters are doing what they’re doing.

Get to know the characters- what they think, how they act, or what motivates them.  This helps you get better at understanding people around you in real life!

Fiction books also make you more aware of the world around you by making connections between things that are different– but similar. For example, if a character is getting bullied it might make you think about how people are treated differently based on their appearance or beliefs.

If you want to learn more about a topic, try looking up fiction books that mention or talk about your subject of interest! You can also read “side stories” (ones that aren’t part of the main series) and short stories (haven’t you heard of those?) that interest you.

Nonfiction and fiction books both help your reading skills, your writing, and even your speaking!  They are styles that have the benefits of reading.

You can always choose a fiction book to read for fun.  Just remember: if you don’t like it the first time, try again next time or pick another one!

Benefits of reading comic books

comic book collection

Who would think comic books could have benefits of reading. Well they do; read on.

Just like nonfiction and fiction books help you with your reading, comic books can help with your writing.  Comic books are made up of panels , just like the pages in a book or magazine.  You can use these panels to create sequences- or stories if they weren’t already there– that explain how action is taking place.

Comic books are also another type of nonfiction.  They tell true stories that you don’t normally hear about, or haven’t experienced for yourself.

They can be used to teach you the facts, and it is up to you to use those facts in your everyday life and education. Nonfiction that explains opinions, theories, or concepts is a type of informational comic.

If you want to make your own nonfiction comics, try using panels from existing comic books, magazines, newspapers… even coloring books!  Try writing down what happens in each panel and describing it in words- turn them into nonfiction stories that explain how something occurs in the world around you.

Well, what are you waiting for!  Pick up a comic book today.

Benefits of reading books with images or photographs that help tell the story

It helps you be creative. Creativity and imagination are benefits of reading.

While it is fun to read information about things that interest you, reading books with quality images can also make you feel as if you’re there.  Readers can use their imagination to visualize what they see in the images.

It helps you learn more quickly

Reading about things that interest you is one way of learning, but another way is reading nonfiction books with really great descriptions and photos.

The words people use when they talk about something are called jargon or technical language.  Occupations and hobbies have their own jargon, which you learn as you go.

However, if you read something that has really great descriptions or images then you’ll understand it more quickly!

It helps spark your imagination

If a book has photos of what the characters look like, or shows places where things occur in the story, then it’s easier to imagine your favorite characters or events.

For example, if I read the book “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” and there was a photo of Mr. Popper, I would picture him as Jim Carrey (who played him in the movie) or some other actor who looks like him!

Benefits of reading mystery books

The Short Reads

If you love to read mystery books, then you have a great hobby.  Readers of this type of book enjoy trying to figure out the clues before the characters do, and entering into the adventure along with them!

Mystery books are helpful in increasing your reading skills. They help improve your understanding of figurative language  and they also improve your reading speed.  The faster you read, the better!

A mystery book can be just for fun if you want to use it as an easy way to learn new words- just remember to look up words you don’t know.  A mystery book is also not just for kids!

Reading mystery books expand the mind; definite bensits of reading.

Benefits of reading vs listening to books

Sometimes you have to read books out loud in class, but listening to a book on tape is also a good way of hearing the story.  You can listen as you do your homework, or as you’re going to sleep at night.  You could even listen as you walk to school!

Some people find that if they listen to books they like, it can help them remember information better.  Many people enjoy using audio for their favorite nonfiction books.

Listening to an audiobook or looking at pictures of the story in a book is another way you can learn words that don’t relate to what happened in the book.

Health benefits of reading books

Even though reading books is a great way to relax and unwind, it can also be good for your health! Books give you an escape from reality.

When you read about other worlds that exist only in the author’s mind, it tires out your brain a little bit.

It may sound silly, but it gives your brain a rest from thinking about the science project that’s due next week, or wondering if you have enough money to go see a new movie with your friends.

Reading can also help you feel less lonely if you stay home alone a lot, because books give kids or adults someone to spend time with- or at least be in the company of something they enjoy.

Does reading improve mental health?

Yes!  So many people feel isolated or lonely, but reading helps you make friends with characters in the book.  When you’re feeling blue, try spending some time with a favorite book instead of sitting there and moping.


Reading has many benefits. It can improve your health, mental state, and imagination.

Nonfiction books are especially enlightening as they provide great knowledge to readers. Topics like history or science that you might otherwise never hear of are benefits of reading nonfiction.

. The best way for nonreaders to get started is by finding short books with high reviews on sites like Amazon or Goodreads. We recommend two free short reads here!