The Short Reads

What Is The Short Reads

The Short Reads

If you are a veracious reader with an appetite for fast paced, maximum entertainment, impossible to put down quick reads, The Short Reads is your home. Our short stories can simply be devoured on the train to work, your bus ride home or during your lunch break; without the calories.

The Short Reads is also a great place for non-readers to begin their journey or re-connect with reading again. No long novels here. These speed of life fast reads are under 150 pages and under $2.99; many at just 99 cents.

Our blog will also offer updates, author insights and bonus giveaways for our readers as well as answer questions for short story writers such as:

  • Should I write short stories
  • Should I write short stories or novels
  • Tips when writing short stories
  • What are good short stories
  • What can we learn from short stories
  • What short stories should I read
  • Where to publish short stories
  • Why are short stories interesting
  • Why write short stories
  • Can I make a living as a short story writer

At The Short Reads we live by this motto:

“A short read should be like a mini skirt:
long enough to cover the subject
short enough to be interesting”

The Short Reads

So sit back, relax, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy a short read today.

Everybody loves a quickie!